How Did Your Investments Perform In 2016? (Episode #1)

  • Are your investments beating the market? Losing big time? How do you know without doing a ton of complex math?
  • Do you really know how your entire investment portfolio performed last year? Have you calculated investment performance rate of returns and compared them to appropriate indexes? Do you know your entire investment portfolio’s weighted average rate of return? We thought not!!!
  • We’ll review how different asset classes performed in 2016 (and before). We’ll show you how to easily monitor this yourself. We’ll also give you access to our 45 Year Asset Class Yearly Returns Overview (the easiest way to monitor it yourself by the way).
  • We’ll show you how to structure your investment portfolio so you can know how your assets have performed quickly and easily each year (or quarter or month).
  • Together we’ll learn how you can make some simple changes so you can Invest It Wisely and keep tabs on things without all the hassle!

Download our awesome 45 Year Asset Class Overview!

MyMoneyTrainer’s 45 Year Asset Class Overview

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