Rent or Buy My Home? That Is The Question! REDUX (Episode #11)

Your biggest expense…your biggest investment…we couldn’t fit it in one episode. We continue this week!

  • Deciding where to live is a big life decision filled with all kinds of emotions. Figuring out how to finance it is even harder!
  • From a strictly financial perspective you have to think about down payments, liquidity, the inflation rate, financing, price appreciation (or depreciation…yikes), tax incentives, insurance, and property taxes!
  • From a lifestyle perspective you have to think about whether you want to own or rent the place you call home. You’ll have to make sure the place you choose will match where you need to live to earn a living and will meet the needs of your family while you live there. Then depending on your answer you have to decide how you’ll take care of maintenance, repairs and remodels.
  • Is renting or buying better from a straight dollars and cents standpoint?
  • Together we’ll learn how you can Spend It Wisely and Invest It Wisely as you determine how you will address what is most people’s biggest expense and biggest asset!

Compare your home’s return to other investment’s returns in this free PDF!

MyMoneyTrainer’s 45 Year Asset Class Overview

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