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Money Help For Everyone!

No matter what type of solution you need we are here to help you with your money questions!  Everyone can use help with their money from a trusted, financial planner.  We believe in financial planning that helps our clients make exponential changes in their financial lives!

Free Options – No Cost Group Training!

This is just like attending a group fitness class.  Join one of our free live learning sessions.  It can be great to learn about money in a group setting where we all learn from/with each other at once!  We offer everyone the opportunity to join our community with live sessions most evenings.  We cover a topic related to our “Complete Approach” to financial planning that relates to earning, spending, saving, and investing.  Then we answer your questions about money to get you the help you need.

Pay Options – Low Cost One-On-One Training!

This is just like when you get a personal fitness trainer.  When it is time to get serious money help and you are ready to work with one of our dedicated Money Trainers / financial planners we are ready to help.  Unlike most financial planners we do not charge you a percentage of your assets and there is no monthly or annual commitment.  You pay for an assessment ($59 – $297) when you need it and you pay for sessions ($59 for 30 minutes and $99 for an hour) when you need them.  We think you will find our pricing to be the best you will find anywhere and from anyone.


Get A Free, No Obligation Consultation!

Want to learn more about MyMoneyTrainer financial planning?  Talk with a live Money Trainer to better understand how we might assist you with your financial planning needs.



Have a financial planning question? Ask it below. We’ll get in touch with you and help you, or send you some helpful information we’ve compiled on the topic, or use it as a topic on one of our many live streams each week. We want to help…no obligation!

Join Our Free Live Stream Learning Sessions!

You can also join us during one of our live learning sessions (which live stream most nights) each week and ask your question there!  It’s just like going to a fitness class, you can learn while interacting with others. We cover different topics each week and then whatever it is you want to cover!  So Follow or Subscribe and join us!

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