Pay It Forward

Why Are We All Here?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Helping others in need is at the very foundation of MyMoneyTrainer. We truly believe in the concept of pay it forward. When our founder thought about ways to give back to the world with the talents he had doing what he loved MyMoneyTrainer is what happened. So many organizations do great work in the world but they provide band aid fixes and never dive in and create true long lasting change for the people they intend to help. Why give time and money to an organization that does not truly solve the underlying problems people face. Teaching people what they need to know about income, expenses, debts, and assets can have a lasting, life-long impact on a person’s life (and their family tree as well). MyMoneyTrainer is built around the pay it forward concept. We’ve held onto that exact philosophy every step along the way. We are passionate about helping people in what we believe is the most powerful way possible—getting their financial lives moving in the right direction.

Many times the people who need the most money ‘training’ are the ones who have the least money. That is a major problem in this industry (the industry is structured to serve people who already have money). Those people have money problems too but so do people who don’t have money. Good luck getting people in the financial industry to help you if you don’t already have money or money to spend. Would you like to directly help someone who is struggling? Ever see people down on their luck and want to help but don’t just want to give them money because you have no idea if it will be used to actually help them. Us too and we have always wanted to help those people too but in a way we hope will actually help them. So now we do with MyMoneyTrainer!

Pay It Forward Packages Price
Get To Know You Session Assessment Review Session
MyMoneyTrainer Scholarship (Varies) Varies 30 Minutes Varies
New Graduate (Income, Expense and Debt) $148.50 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Parent (Full Assessment) $297.00 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Newlywed (Full Assessment) $297.00 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Employee Benefit (Full Assessment) $297.00 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Help Us Help You (Full Assessment) $297.00 30 Minutes 1 Hour

MyMoneyTrainer Scholarship Package

Our company’s culture is about helping people and we back that up by doing it. MyMoneyTrainer continually offers pro-bono money training for people most in need via our MyMoneyTrainer Scholarship Package. Later, when these students are successful and able they will begin to pay for their services (and can even pay it forward to someone else in need).

Are you having a financial crisis? Do you need help but can’t afford MyMoneyTrainer services right now? Apply for a MyMoneyTrainer Scholarship!


If you’d like to help support people in need you can contribute towards providing a MyMoneyTrainer Scholarship. All Scholarship Students are vetted by the MyMoneyTrainer corporate office and then assigned to an appropriate Money Trainer.


New Graduate Package

Lot’s of people give graduates money! How about you give them some help managing their money!

The last thing most people who’ve been studying for years and years may want to do is crack open another book to learn more. But we’ve not met to many 20-30 somethings who are master financiers. They need to learn, even if they don’t know it.

How many times have you looked back on your own life and thought “I wish I had known to do that” or “I knew I should have done that but I just thought I’d get to it later”. Young graduates are generally seeking to set out on their own and become independent. They might not seek out advice from trusted sources out of stubbornness or even embarrassment. That doesn’t mean they do not need help or trusted advice.

Why not get your graduate off to a great start and give them some help getting and staying on the right path from the start. Getting your finances off on the right track at an early age can exponentially impact a young person’s life! Probably much more than an envelope of cash (unless it is a really stuffed envelope)!


Parent Package

Sometimes as a child we might see that our parents need money help. Offering advice to the people who used to change your diaper can be really awkward however. Don’t believe us?  Give it a try sometime. Regardless, our parents are just like everyone else on earth even our parents need help with their money. Being able to recognize this and provide it for someone who has given you so much is a great way to repay them for all they’ve done for you.


Newlywed Package

Think of all those gifts you got when you got married. You know…the ones you hardly ever use! Did those items have a significant impact on your life as you and your new partner figured out how to live life together?

Combining two people’s financial lives into one can be one of the most stressful things anyone can ever do. What is it that most couples fight about most again!?!? What causes most people to get a divorce again!?! Yep…money!

Do you wish you had had a coach throughout that process to help you come together to develop and implement a plan that would work for you and your new partner (love partner AND business partner)? Would something like that have been more beneficial than the china gravy boat in the cabinet? We’ll just let that sit right there!


Employee Benefit Package

Companies strive to offer their employees great benefits packages. These packages often have insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, paid time off, etc. That said the biggest problems many employees face in their working lives are income/money related (not making enough, not enough jobs or job goes away, risk of long term unemployment, anxiety about retirement, stuck with a bad bosses). Your employees face challenges in their life each and every day and these challenges and stresses definitely impact their work. What if you could offer them a benefit that could help them deal with these challenges and stresses and help mentor them towards their financial goals. A benefit that could change their life. The old saying “people work for a person not a company” speaks volumes. If you can find a way to engage with your employees in a life changing way wouldn’t you want to do that? Nothing against traditional company benefits but if you can provide your employee life changing help we know it will help you build a strong working relationship with the people you rely on most in your business.

We offer lunch and learn sessions where we cover a variety of broad topics in a question and answer format. We can also offer our services for your employees (either wholly or partially provided by you). Each offer volume pricing. If you are interested in providing MyMoneyTrainer services for you employees/company contact us!


Partner Programs


With our Partner Programs we are able to provide on site group educational sessions as well as discounted services for individuals within your organization.  Both are designed to allow the members of your organization to become more financially astute as well as become closer as they learn together.

We currently have two Partner Programs:

  • CHURCH Partner Program – Designed to aid church ministers provide financial assistance and a fellowship opportunity to their congregation.
  • EMPLOYER Partner Program – Designed to give company owners, executive, and HR professionals a way to provide a meaningful benefit that will help their employees deal with the stresses of their financial lives.

We can partner with your organization with:

  • On Site Group Education Sessions – We will provide financial planning related education session(s) for your organization.  You pick the time, frequency, and place and we do the rest.  We provide the content and materials (you can even help select the topic if you’d like).
  • Services For Individuals In Need – We will provide discounted services to individuals you refer to us directly.  You may sponsor their services or they may pay.


Help Us Help You Package

Sometimes people asks you for money help. It could be a friend, a coworker, or a family member. Many times you will want to help them, but you also know that it can create an uncomfortable dynamic within your relationship. Or perhaps you have a sneaking suspicion that any financial help you give them will be wasted because they will not change their ways (those that got them into the state they are in now). We can help you help them. We can help you be sure that any help you provide isn’t wasted while also allowing you to avoid a potentially uncomfortable discussion with your friend in need. We can help you maintain a healthy dynamic to your important relationship by allowing you to help them out without any of the negative things that could creep into your good deed.