Employee Benefit Package

Companies strive to offer their employees great benefits packages. These packages often have insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, paid time off, etc. That said the biggest problems many employees face in their working lives are income/money related (not making enough, not enough jobs or job goes away, risk of long term unemployment, anxiety about retirement, stuck with a bad bosses). Your employees face challenges in their life each and every day and these challenges and stresses definitely impact their work. What if you could offer them a benefit that could help them deal with these challenges and stresses and help mentor them towards their financial goals. A benefit that could change their life. The old saying “people work for a person not a company” speaks volumes. If you can find a way to engage with your employees in a life changing way wouldn’t you want to do that? Nothing against traditional company benefits but if you can provide your employee life changing help we know it will help you build a strong working relationship with the people you rely on most in your business.

We offer lunch and learn sessions where we cover a variety of broad topics in a question and answer format. We can also offer our services for your employees (either wholly or partially provided by you). Each offer volume pricing. If you are interested in providing MyMoneyTrainer services for you employees/company contact us!