With our Partner Programs we are able to provide on site group educational sessions as well as discounted services for individuals within your organization.  Both are designed to allow the members of your organization to become more financially astute as well as become closer as they learn together.

We currently have two Partner Programs:

  • CHURCH Partner Program – Designed to aid church ministers provide financial assistance and a fellowship opportunity to their congregation.
  • EMPLOYER Partner Program – Designed to give company owners, executive, and HR professionals a way to provide a meaningful benefit that will help their employees deal with the stresses of their financial lives.

We can partner with your organization with:

  • On Site Group Education Sessions – We will provide financial planning related education session(s) for your organization.  You pick the time, frequency, and place and we do the rest.  We provide the content and materials (you can even help select the topic if you’d like).
  • Services For Individuals In Need – We will provide discounted services to individuals you refer to us directly.  You may sponsor their services or they may pay.