My wife is not a “money person”. No problem except I am a money person and a planner by nature (some would call it ‘nerd’). My wife and I could never seem to get on the same page about money. I knew we spent too much (or made too little). I also knew we were not saving enough for our future. It was hard for me to help her understand our situation. We wound up fighting because I would get frustrated with all the daily reasons we were in the shape we were. MyMoneyTrainer helped me (and her) understand our situation and what we both wanted to accomplish in our life. When we reviewed our assessment it quickly showed us that we would not be successful on our current path. We worked together with our Money Trainer to come up with goals to make our plan work. Now we both are pulling in the same direction most days (and we know why). We have been married for over 20 years and this is the first time in our life we’ve had a common understanding of our goals and how we are getting there each day!

― Client from Nashville, TN