How Does It Work?

Get Started – You can talk with a live Money Trainer any time in a “Free, No Obligation Consultation” to better understand how we might assist you. Ask as many questions as you have about the process and how it might work best for you. When you are ready to begin your very own dedicated Money Trainer who will work with you to prepare for your “Get To Know You Session” (an initial session that usually last around 30 minutes).

Work Together – You will always have a dedicated Money Trainer who will be your single point of contact and who you will have direct access to while you work with us. You will finish gathering the remaining items identified. Then we will take all your information and run it into our proprietary, comprehensive, assessment engine to produce the most powerful assessment of your financial situation you have ever seen. After you have had time to fully review your completed personalized assessment you can schedule your “Assessment Review Session” (a follow-up session that is included with your service that last between 30 minutes to an hour).

Rinse, Repeat – You can meet with your dedicated Money Trainer anytime you need to and on whatever schedule you feel best meets your needs. Different people have different schedules (yearly, quarterly, monthly, even weekly) that work best for them. Some simply call us when they need some additional help in real time. We are here for you anytime you need us in 30 minute and 60 minute blocks. You only pay for what you need when you need it! We can also update your assessment on a regular basis (most people do this annually at a minimum) to show the progress you are making and to ensure you remain on track over the years as life throws changes your way. Regardless of how you plan to work with us we intend to be well worth the time and money you spend with us. We want to be the most important professional relationship you have.