What You Get

Money Trainer – Every single member of the MyMoneyTrainer team is completely qualified to be the most important financial relationship you will ever have. Your dedicated Money Trainer will have a bachelor degree (or higher) in finance/economics and/or appropriate financial credentials (CFP®, CFA®, etc.) to ensure they are equipped to serve you well. Additionally, Money Trainers will have a minimum of 5 years experience working in the financial services industry. Every team member is background checked annually, has a credit score review annually, and uses MyMoneyTrainer in their own life (we use our own product…because it works). Additionally, every team member undergos extensive ongoing training each year so they adhere to our high financial planning standards regardless of what position they are in to be sure we are all equipped to help you each and every day. On top of all this, every single member of the MyMoneyTrainer team is fanatically passionate about helping you reach your financial goals.

Assessment Engine – MyMoneyTrainer has developed proprietary assessment tools that help your Money Trainer provide an easy to understand and extremely cost effective solution to help you meet your financial goals. MyMoneyTrainer’s proprietary assessment engine is the most comprehensive financial assessment we know of on the market. It is also the most cost effective and easy to understand tool available to anyone. We use financial planning best practices to assess your income, expenses, debts, assets, insurance and much more. MyMoneyTrainer’s Financial Planner In A Box™ provides a 43 point scoring model to show you areas of focus related to our complete approach. Our assessment engine also reviews your information and provides 38 Double Checks to educate and alert you about things that will impact your financial life. Again, we know of no other tool that comes close to delivering what ours does (and we think you will agree)!

One-On-One Support – Our entire process is designed to assess your situation quickly, provide insight into areas where the most focus is needed, develop goals, update everything as things change, and follow up as needed to ensure you remain on track towards financial success. Our solution will help us get to know you and for you to get to know your Money Trainer. We will work with you to assess your situation and then review the assessment’s results with you. The MyMoneyTrainer solution will educate you and support you as you grow your financial knowledge over your lifetime. Your live, dedicated, one-on-one Money Trainer will be available as often or as little as you need them throughout your financial life. You can meet with your dedicated Money Trainer anytime you need to and on whatever schedule you feel best meets your needs. Your extremely capable and dedicated Money Trainer will meet with you on your schedule in whatever way that works best for you. You call us, we’ll call you, join a conference call, have a video call (our favorite), or meet in person if you live in one of the cities we currently serve locally.