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Why You Need Us

What would most people classify as their biggest problem? What do couples fight the most about? No matter the source “money” is always at the top of the list. But so many people are ill equipped to deal with the biggest issue they face. The ostrich strategy is employed by many in hopes that if they ignore their issues they will go away in time. Many others choose advisors whose incentives are not aligned with theirs. Many couples just continue to fight about their issues their entire relationship and never solve the festering issues. Why not let MyMoneyTrainer help you start putting your biggest issues behind you?

MyMoneyTrainer will help you tackle these big issues and move past them. We will partner with you each step along the way to help you develop and follow a plan that will get all your numbers going in the right direction. That is our only incentive…to help you achieve your financial goals. If you are a couple, we can help you get on the same page and stay on the same page to multiply your efforts. So partner with your Money Trainer and use our mind AND yours to solve your big money problems!


Why We Are Different

Free Advice?  Worth Every Cent!

Where do you normally go to get financial help? When surveyed, most people said:

• Friends, Family, Associates (41%)
• Bankers, Brokers, Sellers of Financial Services (38%)
• Internet (35%)
• Attorney, Accountant, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors (32%)
• Material In Mail (16%)
• Calling Around (13%)
• Magazines, Newspapers, Media (11%)

At MyMoneyTrainer we believe that some of the people who need the most help with their financial lives are regular people who need someone they can trust. We have seen many people get bad advice simply because they turned to the wrong place to get it. Nothing against your friends and family but if they are not professional financial advisors you might want to rethink the advice you get from them. We want to empower the person who knows the most about their life…you. We want to empower the person who cares the most about their financial life…you. We want you to be better able to understand their financial life.

We believe the traditional financial industry is broken. The financial services industry is basically built to provide service to the affluent and emerging affluent. We have nothing against the affluent but what about the rest of the world?!?! We believe they have no solution for the people who need it most. We believe the solution they do have does not go far enough and incentives are misaligned. We believe every person, regardless of income or wealth, can benefit from having help in their financial lives. We believe the solution needs to include a comprehensive review of the entire situation, shorter term goals, and more interaction to hold you accountable for the plans created. Our business model is designed to provide help to every person and to spend more time implementing the plan not just forming the plan.

Getting an income, getting out of debt, and developing a budget to spend wisely are the first steps. Do that and then you will have money to save and invest. That’s when the rest of the financial planning industry will start caring about you. After you have money. That’s because most people in the financial industry are compensated by a % of your assets. They take a percentage of your money whether you meet your goals or not. They rarely take the time to look at your entire financial picture because it does not matter to them. Most of the entire financial industry has their own incentives so that they are able to make money. The question you should be asking, “do their incentives line up with what benefits me the most?”

At MyMoneyTrainer our business model does not care how much money you have and is ultimately designed to help people with less money the most. This is not how the rest of the financial industry works! We believe this leaves a huge group of people underserved! We would love the opportunity to partner with you to improve your financial life!


Does It Really Cost Too Much?

Almost everyone could benefit from the services of a fee only financial planner. But so many people say they can’t afford one. In fairness, the average fee only financial planner will charge $1,000-$2,000 for an initial financial plan. That is a lot. However, the average person who works 40+ years will earn a lifetime income of between $700,000 and $2,100,000. The average net worth of a person in America generally peaks at around $195,000. These are not insignificant sums of money and are usually your biggest assets. Shouldn’t you spend time being thoughtful about how you manage these resources? The more you know about your situation and the better you plan for the future the more likely you can have a positive impact it on it. At MyMoneyTrainer we use technology and financial planning best practices to provide the “rest of the world” with a financial planning relationship. For the cost of a single hour of a typical fee only financial planner’s time you can have a financial plan built that is tailored to your needs. Furthermore, the costs of the MyMoneyTrainer service should easily pay for themselves over the years (perhaps even exponentially) as you set and achieve your goals. Can you really afford not to use MyMoneyTrainer?


You Are Safe With Us

You Are Safe! This is our passion! We love doing what we do. Being able to help people have the most productive financial lives possible is what makes us successful. That is a big win-win for you and us.

You Are Safe! We are not a salesman! Think of all the people who are out to get your money. If the way someone is being paid is by earning a commission off their financial advice to you then you are not their primary concern…we promise. How to get you to do what they need you to do to earn their commission is their primary concern. We don’t have any conflict of interest. We have never and will never receive a commission or incentive on any product or service we recommend. If we recommend a product, company, or service to you it is because we believe it is the right product for you to use. We suggest what we think is best for you and have no financial incentive other than helping you develop a workable plan and achieve it. If we do that you will keep us around and we will have a great relationship for years.

You Are Safe! We are qualified to do what we do! Every level of our company is setup to provide you with the highest level of service, experience, and expertise. If your personal Money Trainer runs into something they’ve never dealt with before they can escalate within our company (or outside our company) to get you the help you need when you need it. We have a vast level of experience on our team to help you with whatever you may encounter in your financial life.

You Are Safe! We are completely private and ethical! We will always do our best to do right by you. We will safeguard our working relationship and your information at all times. We will not have logins to your money. You’ll give us only what you are comfortable with giving us. We will keep everything you trust us with private. We take privacy seriously. If we don’t do all these things you will not trust us to continue working with us. We will prove all of this with each and every interaction.



Do you have a story for us? The reason we do what we do is to help people better understand their financial lives and improve their quality of life. When we hear about that actually happening…we smile really, really big! Make our day and send us your story! You can drop us a line, or record a video and send to us, brag about us on social media, or complete an online review.

Send your story to info@mymoneytrainer.com

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My wife is not a “money person”. No problem except I am a money person and a planner by nature (some would call it ‘nerd’). My wife and I could never seem to get on the same page about money. I knew we spent too much (or made too little). I also knew we were … Continue reading Client from Nashville, TN

Client from Nashville, TN