Almost everyone could benefit from the services of a fee only financial planner. But so many people say they can’t afford one. In fairness, the average fee only financial planner will charge $1,000-$2,000 for an initial financial plan. That is a lot. However, the average person who works 40+ years will earn a lifetime income of between $700,000 and $2,100,000. The average net worth of a person in America generally peaks at around $195,000. These are not insignificant sums of money and are usually your biggest assets. Shouldn’t you spend time being thoughtful about how you manage these resources? The more you know about your situation and the better you plan for the future the more likely you can have a positive impact it on it. At MyMoneyTrainer we use technology and financial planning best practices to provide the “rest of the world” with a financial planning relationship. For the cost of a single hour of a typical fee only financial planner’s time you can have a financial plan built that is tailored to your needs. Furthermore, the costs of the MyMoneyTrainer service should easily pay for themselves over the years (perhaps even exponentially) as you set and achieve your goals. Can you really afford not to use MyMoneyTrainer?