Why We Are Different

Free Advice?  Worth Every Cent!

Where do you normally go to get financial help? When surveyed, most people said:

• Friends, Family, Associates (41%)
• Bankers, Brokers, Sellers of Financial Services (38%)
• Internet (35%)
• Attorney, Accountant, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors (32%)
• Material In Mail (16%)
• Calling Around (13%)
• Magazines, Newspapers, Media (11%)

At MyMoneyTrainer we believe that some of the people who need the most help with their financial lives are regular people who need someone they can trust. We have seen many people get bad advice simply because they turned to the wrong place to get it. Nothing against your friends and family but if they are not professional financial advisors you might want to rethink the advice you get from them. We want to empower the person who knows the most about their life…you. We want to empower the person who cares the most about their financial life…you. We want you to be better able to understand their financial life.

We believe the traditional financial industry is broken. The financial services industry is basically built to provide service to the affluent and emerging affluent. We have nothing against the affluent but what about the rest of the world?!?! We believe they have no solution for the people who need it most. We believe the solution they do have does not go far enough and incentives are misaligned. We believe every person, regardless of income or wealth, can benefit from having help in their financial lives. We believe the solution needs to include a comprehensive review of the entire situation, shorter term goals, and more interaction to hold you accountable for the plans created. Our business model is designed to provide help to every person and to spend more time implementing the plan not just forming the plan.

Getting an income, getting out of debt, and developing a budget to spend wisely are the first steps. Do that and then you will have money to save and invest. That’s when the rest of the financial planning industry will start caring about you. After you have money. That’s because most people in the financial industry are compensated by a % of your assets. They take a percentage of your money whether you meet your goals or not. They rarely take the time to look at your entire financial picture because it does not matter to them. Most of the entire financial industry has their own incentives so that they are able to make money. The question you should be asking, “do their incentives line up with what benefits me the most?”

At MyMoneyTrainer our business model does not care how much money you have and is ultimately designed to help people with less money the most. This is not how the rest of the financial industry works! We believe this leaves a huge group of people underserved! We would love the opportunity to partner with you to improve your financial life!