You Are Safe With Us

You Are Safe! This is our passion! We love doing what we do. Being able to help people have the most productive financial lives possible is what makes us successful. That is a big win-win for you and us.

You Are Safe! We are not a salesman! Think of all the people who are out to get your money. If the way someone is being paid is by earning a commission off their financial advice to you then you are not their primary concern…we promise. How to get you to do what they need you to do to earn their commission is their primary concern. We don’t have any conflict of interest. We have never and will never receive a commission or incentive on any product or service we recommend. If we recommend a product, company, or service to you it is because we believe it is the right product for you to use. We suggest what we think is best for you and have no financial incentive other than helping you develop a workable plan and achieve it. If we do that you will keep us around and we will have a great relationship for years.

You Are Safe! We are qualified to do what we do! Every level of our company is setup to provide you with the highest level of service, experience, and expertise. If your personal Money Trainer runs into something they’ve never dealt with before they can escalate within our company (or outside our company) to get you the help you need when you need it. We have a vast level of experience on our team to help you with whatever you may encounter in your financial life.

You Are Safe! We are completely private and ethical! We will always do our best to do right by you. We will safeguard our working relationship and your information at all times. We will not have logins to your money. You’ll give us only what you are comfortable with giving us. We will keep everything you trust us with private. We take privacy seriously. If we don’t do all these things you will not trust us to continue working with us. We will prove all of this with each and every interaction.