How Is Your Financial Plan?

If you can’t answer that confidently you need a financial planner!  MyMoneyTrainer provides a capable, dedicated financial planner (your Money Trainer) armed with a comprehensive, proprietary assessment engine (built using financial planning best practices) to be the absolute best source of money help available!  Let MyMoneyTrainer help you with your financial plan!


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Each week (usually on Friday) we publish a video on a financial planning topic that we believe you’ll find important.  Some are food for thought, some are reminders, and some are full fledged deep dives on a particular topic!  You can learn everything you ever need to know about financial planning for free in our Learning Sessions on our YouTube channel.

Everything is organized following Our 4 Part Complete Approach to Financial Planning.  So no matter where you need help you can gain knowledge on Earning It, Spending It Wisely, Saving It, or Investing It Wisely.  We also cover Taxes, the Macroeconomic environment, and other important concepts.

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Coming Soon! DIY Financial Planning!

DIY Financial Planning Engine

We are currently building our proprietary assessment engine into the most powerful DIY Financial Planning engine ever!  Drop us an e-mail and we’ll let you know when it is done!

Have A Question? Ask It!

Have a financial planning question?  Go ahead and ask it below.  We want to help!  We’ll get in touch with you and help you, or send you some helpful information we’ve compiled on the topic, or use it as a topic on one of our weekly YouTube channel Learning Sessions.  By the way, if we use your question in our Learning Sessions we’ll give you some discounted financial planning help!  Regardless, we want to help…so ask…no obligation!


Get A Personal Trainer For Your Money!

Many people get a personal fitness trainer to help them achieve better health. Our financial lives are just as important. Why not get a personal trainer for your money? You need a Money Trainer (aka financial planner) for all the same reasons you need a personal fitness trainer.

– Accountability / Motivation
– Develop A Routine
– Fresh New Perspective & Ideas
– Solid, Consistent and Non-Judgmental Support
– Maximize Results / Minimize Time
– Personalized Program
– Relationship Building
– Results


What You Get

Money Trainer        +        Assessment Engine        +       One-On-One Support

Your Money Trainer will be a passionate, completely qualified financial planner who will become the most important financial relationship you will ever have.

MyMoneyTrainer’s proprietary Assessment Engine (and 81+ point inspection) is the most comprehensive and cost effective financial assessment on the market and is built with financial planning best practices at all levels.

You can meet with your dedicated Money Trainer One-On-One anytime you need to and on whatever schedule you feel best meets your needs.


How Does It Work?

Get Started           +        Work Together       +           Rinse, Repeat

Your dedicated Money Trainer will consult with you to identify the best way we can assist you, get to know you, and come up with a game plan to get started working together.  They will work with you to prepare your MyMoneyTrainer assessment and then review it with you to identify goals and a follow up schedule that works best for you.


Our Complete Approach

Earn It      +      Spend It Wisely      +      Save It      +      Invest It Wisely

Our financial philosophy is very simple to understand. If you do well in each of these four areas you will undoubtedly increase the quality of your life. With MyMoneyTrainer nothing here is hard to understand or implement. Our assessment engine use data from The Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances to show where you rank with the “rest of us.” MyMoneyTrainer’s Financial Planner In A Box™ will highlight areas where you might be doing well or maybe show you areas where you need to improve.


Money Trainers…Real People…A Real Relationship!

No limited apps! You downloaded an app and it wound up being worthless because there is no app that can do what you need. No confusing websites! You visited a website and entered and linked and refreshed and only wound up wasting a lot of time because there is no website that can do what you need. No endless logins! You have more logins to more tools and accounts than you can even remember. Almost every single solution that involves money these days involves some piece of technology that you enter a bunch of stuff into and it may (or may not) spit something back out at you that is worthwhile. We are all for technology. We use technology too but WE use it…not YOU. YOU use us…our qualified, capable Money Trainers. People serving people! A real relationship with an unbiased financial planner! We think that is something fresh in today’s world! Something you’ve been looking for.


Every single person on earth has a financial life!  We believe everyone can use help getting their financial life moving in the right direction.  No need to go it alone!  Our solutions are designed to work for people with no money all the way up to people with lots of money.  Our solutions are designed to help us become an invaluable lifelong partner to keep your financial life moving in the right direction at all times.  Every person who works for MyMoneyTrainer is passionate about partnering with you to help you with your financial life!